Aprilaire Air Purifier 2000

$899.00 + HST

Breathe clean allergen-free air in every room of your home using one easy solution, an Aprilaire 2000 Series MERV 13 Whole House Air Cleaner. These ducted air purifiers work in conjunction with your home’s heating, ventilating, and cooling system (HVAC) to filter allergens out of the air and improve your home’s indoor air quality overall. MERV-13-level filtration means that at least 90% of all microscopic impurities lingering in your space are locked away. Remarkably clean and allergy-friendly air is then distributed throughout all the rooms of your home. Aprilaire 2000 Air Cleaners are available in 3 duct sizes, use 10 times more filtration media than standard 1-inch furnace filters, and require only minimal upkeep.

Deposit : $89.90

Aprilaire Air Purifier 2000 Description

  • Long-Lasting Filter – With typical use, the air cleaner filter lasts an entire year, saving you money on costly filter replacements. Keep in mind that the frequency of filter replacements varies based on factors like pollution level in your home, the number of people in your home, the size of your home, and the amount of carpeting in your home, among other factors.
  • SelfSeal Filter Media – A tight seal around the filter compartment prevents unfiltered air from bypassing the filter.
  • Totally Silent Operation – The system runs silently alongside your HVAC system. No loud fans! Once-A-Year Maintenance – Recommended maintenance on this unit takes less than 20 minutes once per year.
  • Keeps Your Home Cleaner – Using a whole house air cleaner means you’ll dust less and your home will be cleaner and more comfortable.

Warranty (Aprilaire Air Purifier 2000)

  • 10-Year Clean-Coil Guarantee – Aprilaire offers a 10-Year Clean Coil Guarantee with the purchase of this system.
  • After installation of your air cleaner, if your AC coil needs servicing within 10 years, Aprilaire will contribute $100 toward the cost of cleaning.


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