Aprilaire Air Purifier 1000

$699.00 + HST

The 1000 series is a more budget-friendly option. Unlike 1″ pleated filters (MERV 4) from your local hardware store, these models also trap pollen and mould spores.

Deposit : $69.90

Aprilaire Air Purifier 1000 Description

  • MERV 11 cleaning power.
  • Clears 94% of mould and pollen from your air.
  • Traps 72% of bacteria and fungi.
  • Removes 56% of dust and dander.
  • Only requires maintenance once a year.
  • No ozone production.

Warranty (Aprilaire Air Purifier 1000)

  • 10-Year Clean-Coil Guarantee – Aprilaire offers a 10-Year Clean Coil Guarantee with the purchase of this system.
  • After installation of your air cleaner, if your AC coil needs servicing within 10 years, Aprilaire will contribute $100 toward the cost of cleaning.


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